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  • Walkabout system enabling safe roof installation

NEW - Walkabout System

Total Solutions has teamed up with Spanset from the UK to provide a unique and highly effective access system that provides a new way of looking at temporary access for at height works.

What it is

A tensioned decking system designed to enable workers to access difficult or remote areas at height.  This is the next generation of net access solutions and addresses the need for cost effective access solutions in areas where scaffolding has traditionally been used but is very costly.

Walkabout System Abu Dhabi

The system is stronger, more flexible, safer and easier to work on than other net solutions in the market. It is an extremely fine mesh made from high strength polyester allowing air and water to pass through.

The system has a tensile strength of 3600 N/50mm, enabling a maximum workload of 500kg per panel (4m width panels customised to the length required per job).  There is a cross support system integrated with straps, ratchets and a unique load gauge ensuring correct installation every time.  Anchorage of the system can be via bolts, tension wires, beam clamps and slings.

Walkabout System Saudi

The materials are both waterproof and flame retardant and manufactured in Europe to European standards.

System Benefits

  • Lightweight, sturdy, flexible and portable
  • Rapid installation
  • Highly cost effective compared to other access methods
  • Lowest deflection available
  • Strong and extremely safe
  • Workers feel safe and have an added sense of security
  • Suitable for 4 users plus tools (450 kg) per panel 
  • Enables works to be carried out below and therefore supports project completion timescales
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Can be printed on to support branding

Where it is used

  • Roof installations, especially unique and complex design structures
  • Under jetty, pier and bridge works
  • Over-water areas requiring installation or maintenance works
  • Any high structure where scaffolding will not reach or will be expensive using scaffolding
  • Projects where at height works and floor level works need to be undertaken at the same time
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