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  • Work positioning net enabling under-deck works

Work Positioning Nets

Work Positioning Nets (WPN) are now well established as a work-positioning mechanism, offering increased flexibility and safety - especially in confined and difficult situations.

Work Positioning Nets Middle East

Our netting conforms to EN1263-1, LOLER 1998 regulations.  The mesh size, strand strength and shape may be altered to provide:

  • Walk on work
  • Debris containment
  • Site Protection
  • Heavyweight Debris Protection

Total Solutions uses the most robust and durable waterproof and flame-retardant nets that have a maximum breaking strain of 9.5 tonnes.

Using nets for containment and work separation also delivers operational efficiency gains - for example by removing the need to have safety vessels available for over-side working on a platform or drilling rig.  

Examples of Work Positioning Nets in action

Roof and ceiling installation

Offshore Accommodation Block Preparation

Work Positioning Nets Offshore

Offshore Blasting

WPN Blasting


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