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  • Corrosion under insulation in an oil and gas plant

Corrosion Under Insulation

Fundamentally Corrosion Under Insulation CUI is caused by the ingress and trapping of moisture inside an insulation system that should be watertight. The reality is that so many opportunities exist for moisture to enter an insulated system that it is almost impossible to guarantee it will not enter. 

Total Solutions have developed removable insulation jacket to allow moisture to drain from a system, providing a visual identification of leaks in particular.  The removable insulation jackets also enable routine non-intrusive inspections to critical pipe work and equipment to be carried out, which can be simply velcroed back in place following the inspection. 

Quality Assurance

Total Solutions employs leading edge cutting technology to manufacture jacket components, which contributes significantly to waste minimisation and end product quality. 

The benefits to our customers include: 

  • Consistent - Superior finished quality
  • Reduced work face and at risk site hours
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced site based non-productive time
  • Job specific material packaging – all materials delivered for a specific work scope together

Coupled with our design, identification tagging (including stencilling) and installation service, we are able to offer the entire solution to clients, which is not offered by any other company. 

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