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  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring for Plant Fault Finding

Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Vibration induced fatigue is one of the most common causes of failure in process pipework. The unplanned release of hydrocarbon gas or liquid is primarily a safety concern but also has severe financial and environmental consequences, and risks lasting damage to reputations.

"In the UK Sector of the North Sea, piping vibration and fatigue accounts for over 20% of all hydrocarbon releases."

Cyclic stress levels in pipework and pressure systems can be induced by many factors including:

  • Flow
  • Machinery induced pressure pulsation
  • Acoustic
  • Environmental and structural transmission.

Total Solutions provides a professional service that identifies and resolves acoustic and vibration issues found on both offshore and onshore process plants.

Our solution is to quantify the risk posed by excessive vibration, identify the cause, and propose a remedial strategy to remove or control the problem as appropriate.

The service consists of:

  1. Risk Based Piping/Structural Vibration Assessments at design, commissioning and throughout an asset's life cycle
  2. Piping / Structural Vibration Investigations
  3. Transient Vibration Assessment
  4. Pipework Stress Analysis (Static & Advanced Dynamic)
  5. Subsea Pipework Fatigue Risk Assessment & Monitoring
  6. Design, Fabrication and Installation of pipe supports / viscous damper solutions
  7. Acoustic Analysis
  8. Noise Assessment and Control (including regulatory compliance)

The Pipe Vibration Monitoring solution uses a hand held, single channel vibration measurement and analysis system for quantifying and classifying pipework vibration levels.

It allows on the spot analysis of vibration and fatigue problems, using an FFT analyser and datalogger that can provide a further inspection angle to ensure plant integrity is optimised. In addition, readings can be stored and trended allowing results to be displayed and reports generated as well as individual or data set readings to be e-mailed directly to an onshore Total Solutions engineer for further analysis.

The system Total Solutions utilises measures and provides automatic analysis of vibration amplitude and frequency when needed without delay, and in a format that is easily understood. It provides remote connectivity to the Total Solutions support teams with unrivalled experience and knowledge of complex fatigue and vibration issues working on the problem, when you need it.

The use of the Pipe Vibration Monitoring solution reduces OPEX, improves safety and reduces the risk of production downtime and environmental impact, ensuring:

  • No delays
  • No unnecessary mobilisations

Put simply, a safe, effective and cost effective approach to ensure asset life is optimised.

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