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  • Customised removable insulation mattress on oil and gas plant

Removable Insulation Jackets

Regardless of the size and shape of equipment to be insulated, Total Solutions is able to quickly deliver high quality, tailor made removable insulation mattresses, also known as removable insulation jackets.

Sealings, gaskets, heat exchangers, pumps, valves etc, all require regular quality and maintenance checks. The removable insulation mattresses by Total Solutions enable equipment to be well insulated in addition to providing easy access, eliminating the cost and time implications of removing and reinstating fixed materials.

The insulation mattresses installed by Total Solutions are also given unique codes, so that during overhauls and shut-downs the mattresses can be easily returned to service in the location for which they were designed. This can result in significant cost savings for our customers by preventing the unnecessary replacement of insulation mattresses.


T Joint

Removable Insulation Mattress


Ball Valve

Removable Insulation Mattress 


Gate Valve

Removable Insulation Mattress 



Easy to use, durable insulation mattresses

  • Insulation mattresses can be quickly removed and re-installed without harming insulation quality
  • Total Solutions' insulation mattresses close with Velcro, stainless hooks or singles
  • Insulation mattresses are designed and fabricated to the exact shape of the equipment
  • Closure tape avoids heat loss on both sides of the mattress

Total Solutions insulation mattresses are manufactured from fire resistant materials, specifically designed to be used in harsh environments

Full insulation mattress service

Total Solutions carry out a full service for insulation mattresses, ensuring high quality products. Engineers perform a site visit, carrying out detailed measurements of the equipment to be insulated. The technical office then designs the insulation mattress and calculates the technical requirements. Fabrication follows in our dedicated workshops, where the insulation mattresses are cut, filled and sewn. Thermal insulation engineers install the finished mattresses on-site, performing a final quality check.

Insulation mattress applications

  • Gaskets
  • Heat exchangers
  • Turbines
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Pipework
  • Tanks
  • Flanges

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