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Safety Net Systems

Horizontal Safety Systems

Why safety nets?

  • Optimises worker safety when carrying out height works
  • Used extensively for roof installations and in gaps (e.g. lift shafts) during construction
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to the needs of the job

Safety nets protect workers on site by minimising the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement and collective protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.

Total Solutions is unique in the Middle East as we offer sales, rental and installation services of safety net systems, which no other company does.  

All the safety nets supplied by Total Solutions comply to EN1263-1 Safety Netting sourced from major European manufacturers.

Application: Safety nets with border ropes with an area exceeding 35m2, the smallest side being over 5m in length, used for horizontal use in industrial warehouses, bridges, and overhead roof work.

Class: A2 with mesh dimension of 100x100 cord thickness 5mm. Manufactured in high tenacity polypropylene with UV treatment to resist sun damage.

Border Rope: weaved through the perimeter of the nets and tested to the requirement of EN1263-1. Minimum break load is 30KN.

Annual testing & Inspection Service

At Total Solutions we also offer:

  •  An annual tag testing and repair service for our customers keeping their stock up to date and safe for use.
  •  Training for operatives and safety managers on the safe rigging and inspection of Safety Nets.
  •  Site Rigging and supervision service using trained personnel.

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Safety Net Fans

Why use Safety Fan Nets?

  • Designed and built to EU standards, they protect people and assets during construction, demolition, etc.
  • High density nets with aluminium profile frames that will last.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Installed to arrest falling objects and people.

Total Solutions provide high quality Safety Net Fans and Vertical Safety nets in a systemised soft screen approach. 

Our system is ideal for sites where formwork, block work, cladding or finishing on the edge of the building poses a high risk for workers and those working below.

The safety net fans provide floor to floor edge protection for up to 3 floors whilst providing a fall Protection fan integrated within the same system.

The safety net fans remain attached to all active floors whilst in use and can be relocated on the upper floors using a site crane or hoist without having to be disconnected from the floor slabs. 

All components are inter-changeable with other Total Solutions fan systems.

Safety Fan Net Products

TSS Fan Medium Duty (TSFMD) - Standard 3.3m wide fans Supplied in 6.25m and 4.25m lengths. 

TSS Fan Medium Duty-Extra wide (TSFMDXW) - Provides additional safety using 4.6m wide nets supplied in 6.25m and 4.25m lengths. 


  • Fully compliant to EN 1263-1 standard.
  • Double layered nets 60x60 + 20x20 polypropylene  nets with an optional Debris net third layer. 
  • UV treatment to resist sun damage.
  • Resistant to high wind loads, tied top/ bottom against over turning.
  • 1.0m overlap between units providing more protection between units.
  • Full range of accessories. to enable connection to various types and shapes of structures.
  • Manufactured from steel (hot dip galvanised finish) and patented aluminium profiles.
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