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  • Rope access inspection works using NDT techniques

NDT & Inspections

Total Solutions specialises in NDT and corrosion inspection services.   We are in the unique position of being able to provide complete NDT services:

  1. At height using rope access
  2. On the ground 
  3. Underwater

No other company is able to provide this one-stop solution for your NDT needs.

We provides a comprehensive range of NDT inspection and survey services throughout the Middle East including:

  • ACFM
  • Ultrasonic - Flaw Detection and Thickness Guaging
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Radiography
  • Leak and Liquid Penetration Testing
  • Visual, Photographic and Video Surveys
  • UWILD and SPS
  • Dropped Object Surveys
  • Debris at Height Surveys

Total Solutions' Inspection Division operates using state of the art technology to ensure results are as accurate as possible to enable client decision making. Our standard equipment enables inspections for material thickness testing, ultrasonic leak detection, ultrasonic flaw detection and ACFM crack detection. All our equipment is certified and fully calibrated to ensure correct and accurate functioning of the devices to meet international inspection specification requirements.

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