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  • Grinding works on jack up legs offshore using rope access

Offshore Services

Rope access has been a major part of offshore works throughout the world for over 30 years.  Proven to be the safest form of access in the world, there are many benefits to using rope access teams offshore, including:

  1. Rapid mobilisation and demobilisation
  2. Skilled tradesmen are also the access specialists, providing a turnkey solution to maintenance problems
  3. Reduced costs due to reduced time to access
  4. Access to hard to reach locations
  5. Core teams can reduce bed space requirements

Total Solutions offshore maintenance works are listed on the right.  

As an IRATA member company, we implement and follow strict processes and procedures to ensure safety is paramount and, as such, we provide teams of rope access technicians plus IRATA Level 3 supervisors for every job we work on.  Following the IRATA guidelines provides our clients with the peace of mind that safety levels are optimised on site.  

Our offshore rope access teams can also be deployed quickly to any location.  Currently we operate in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  A detailed list of our work locations can be found here

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